Parent Information

August 22, 2016

Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome to Principles of A/V! That is the short way of saying Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications. It is basically a class which teaches a lot about digital technologies with an emphasis on communication and other career skills. It requires strong academic skills and creativity as well as proficiency in computer skills.  

Specific TEKS information can be found at It is a high school class, so students will earn high school credit when they pass this class. It is a challenging, but fun class. Students will be introduced to digital photography, photo editing, video production, and graphic design as well as becoming proficient in Microsoft Office and Adobe programs. They will learn a lot about their own strengths and weaknesses along the way, and discover how these skills can help them build their careers of choice, improving their marketability in today’s world.

In order to give each student the best chance for success, these are the expectations I have for this class. These guidelines must be strictly followed so that all students have an equal opportunity for success.

  • Any student who bothers another’s computer without permission will be sent to the office with no second chances or other warnings. This act is often done in playful fun, but the results are not fun for the other student, possibly causing their computer to shut down, lock up, or result in that student’s losing a project they may have spent many hours working on.

  • Students must be on time.  Grace will be given the first week as students adjust to new schedules and classrooms. After the first week, they will get one warning.  Further tardies will result in detentions.

  • Students must wait to log on to the computers until I greet them and give them the day’s instructions.

  • Students must wait until instructed to log off, making sure they log off or shut down computers properly.

  • Students are expected to properly care for the computer station they use, not abusing any part of the hardware or software.

  • No computer or its devices may be changed, adjusted, or switched.

  • Any student caught in pornographic websites or other sites prohibited at school will lose school network privileges and access to school computers without which they will be unable to complete this class resulting in failure.

  • Cell phones must be turned off and deposited in the basket or kept in backpacks during class.  Backpacks and purses should be stored at the front of the room.

  • Students must follow instructions, and work hard until all work is complete.  Turn work in on time with your name on assignments. (No games without permission.)

  • Students are encouraged to work hard from the very beginning, not waiting until the end to become concerned about their grades. I do not believe in giving extra credit except in extraordinary circumstances.

  • Students must be respectful and positive.

Students received a copy of Classroom Expectations the first day.  We will go over it often so that everyone is familiar with it. I am also sending a copy of it home for you to sign by August 31st. I look forward to a great year working with you! Denise Van Meter