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Welcome to Bushland Independent School District.  You will find that Bushland ISD is committed to helping our students experience a successful educational journey, and the process is one that values the input from parents and community members.  “Together, we guide every student to reach their greatest potential” is not only our mission statement but what we truly believe.  I invite you to become or continue to be involved in your child’s education by joining one of our many organizations that are here to help our students.  I also encourage you to take the opportunity to truly get to know your students’ teachers because they are the backbone of our district.  Without their dedication to serving the needs of our students, BISD would not have any chance of excelling.  With your help, Bushland ISD can be one of the premier districts in the state of Texas.  We truly believe in our vision: “Bushland Students Today…..Leaders Tomorrow.”

Student safety and meeting student needs will always be at the forefront of the decision making process.  When you drop off your child with one of our staff members be rest assured that the best interest of the students and their needs will be of a primary concern to us.  We will always make our decisions based on what is most beneficial to our students.  As the superintendent, I understand the importance of providing a safe learning environment for “ALL” students and strive every day to ensure that happens for every child that walks into our doors. 

I cordially invite you to visit Bushland ISD and witness excellence in the making.  Our ultimate goal is to send out students prepared to become the leaders of tomorrow.  We ask you to join us and help our students live up to our motto, “Earn Your Wings”.

It is an honor to serve as the superintendent of Bushland Independent School District and if I can ever be of assistance or answer any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


Chris Wigington, Superintendent

Bushland Independent School District   



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