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The Golden Penny

Posted Date: 08/31/2020

Spinning Penny

Bushland ISD will get to keep more of our local tax money here in Bushland as a result of the Bushland ISD’s Board of Trustees vote to add a “golden penny” to our local tax collections at last weeks board meeting.  Even with the added “Golden Penny”, your tax rate will be lower than it was last year as a result of the new compressed tax rate for the 20-21 school year.

Previously the district has had 4 golden pennies which are not subject to recapture* from the state.  As a result of the 5th golden penny, the district will see an increase of approximately $140,000.00 of our local tax dollars staying here to help our Bushland ISD students.  

Thank you Bushland ISD School Board for taking care of our students!

*Recapture is money that Bushland ISD sends the state each year from our local tax collections.